Dispatching and Tracking Software, Track Your Drivers in Real Time

Management and supervision of personnel on the road are often limited in relation to controlling their activities. JFleet Dispatching and Tracking Software has driver tracking features that make relevant information accessible to you! You can track drivers in real time, allowing you to locate trucks in motion, determine their speed, what routes they have taken, as well as validate and verify delivery times.

In addition to these features that allow you to monitor your staff on the road, JFleet shows you when an driver starts and finishes a task as well as when he will be available for the next job.

Your Challenges Related to Tracking Drivers

  • Organizing a large number of trucks, trailers, and drivers
  • Determining the mileage travelled
  • Optimizing loading and assigning the deliveries to the right drivers
  • Validating delivery times and judging whether they are realizable
  • Viewing road maps, trips, and routes

Advantages of JFleet

  • Accurate and real-time geo-tracking
  • Ergonomic and versatile solution to all types of operational management
  • Accurate and reliable information
  • Simplified visual platform (trips, routes, orders, road personnel, etc.)
  • Instant communication with active staff
Tracking drivers in real time is a revolutionary feature in the transport industry. Geo-tracking dispatching operations allows you to anticipate and secure deliveries safely and within the time allocated. Instant communication with the staff on the road gives the dispatcher new control tools. She can now rely on automated information to make the best decisions and anticipate the actions to take.

JFleet is designed to guide staff in charge of operations through their decisions and respond quickly to any eventuality. By visualizing on a map the actual routes being taken, geo-tracking in real time, and having an overview of the history of deliveries, JFleet allows you to accurately estimate the next logical steps in preparation of the routes, distribution, and dispatching of orders.