Electronic Logbooks (ELD) and other driver tools

Finally a complete yet flexible solution! JFleet can integrate most of the third party ELD solutions on the market. Whether it’s for electronic logbooks, GPS integrated on trucks, equipment inspections (DVIR) or IFTA reports, JFleet can integrate these solutions in order to have the best dispatching system possible.

JFleet offers a turnkey solution to trucking companies. Whether fororder management, tracking drivers, dispatching, billing, payroll and now truck instruments. JFleet offers the best of both worlds with the flexibility to use the tools that are best suited to your reality why keeping a perfect control on the entirety of your operations.

Here are just a few examples of solutions that can integrate with JFleet:

Everything under one roof!

  • Geolocation directly and permanently linked to the truck (otherwise, JFleet offers the geolocation directly from the driver’s phone)
  • Tracking the mileage in each state/province in order to produce IFTA reports
  • Tracking driving times, pauses, sleeping times, etc.
  • Tracking and securing compliance to US and Canada regulations
  • Produce driver and vehicle inspection reports (DVIR)
  • Present or print waiting times, loading times, rest or sleep times
  • Present conform reports to be presented to local authorities
  • Prevent infractions to drivers on the road


  • Secure your equipment
  • Offer the driver peace of mind that he is driving in all confirmity
  • Produce automatic IFTA reports
  • Eliminate ide times
  • Reduce general tasks to the profit of driving hours
  • Make sure that driver data is not falsified.

Partnerships with VisTracks and KeepTruckin

Even though JFleet can be integrated with any ELD solution, JFleet has built partnerships with entirely integrated solutions: VisTracks and KeepTruckin.

These solutions offer an excellent quality-price ratio and integrate perfectly with JFleet allowing you to maximize all operational aspects of your business.

Whether it’s to integrate JFleet with VisTracks or KeepTruckin or any other ELD solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll help guide you to the best turnkey solution that matches your needs.