Equipment Maintenance Tracking

The management of a garage involves maintaining equipment or, more specifically, the maintenance of trailers and trucks. In the transport field, equipment requires various periodic inspections to ensure safe operations. In the absence of planning with regard to hardware maintenance, financial consequences can be significant.

Inspections are a vital stage in the business process. Indeed, having to adjust to the unexpected can lead to major losses of time.

Your Equipment Maintenance Challenges

  • Confirming the status and security of equipment
  • Tracking the evolution of the status of each piece of equipment
  • Taking equipment due for inspection out of circulation
  • Knowing when a piece of equipment is due for inspection, repair, or replacement
  • Having precise figures on budgets and expenses related to maintenance

Advantages of JFleet

  • Equipment and maintenance costs are integrated into the dispatching module
  • A simplified visual on equipment used in operational activities
  • Greater productivity and service efficiency
  • Automated reminders of inspections to carry out
  • Alerts for equipment that is damaged, to be repaired, or followed up
  • Specific, real-time reports on pieces of equipment and their activities
  • Financial reports on equipment
What equipment should be inspected next? When will the next breakdown or damage to equipment need to be rectified? Which trucks or trailers are undergoing inspection and which are available for delivery right now? JFleet offers instantaneous visual aids to these questions before undertaking an operation.

Of course, maintenance is required for safety, prevention, speed of execution, operational efficiency, and profitability. JFleet displays visual alerts when inspections are to be carried and if repairs are required.

You can see the number of hours that your staff has worked on equipment that is in the garage for inspection as well as what parts have been modified or repaired. You can then get a detailed report on the money spent on any piece of equipment. JFleet allows you to quickly see the financial assets dedicated to the maintenance of equipment and estimates the best time to consider replacements. Thus, the JFleet module can manage not only the entirety of your transport operation, but also manage the garage if it is an integral part of the company. The benefits of JFleet accrue to your operations in terms of savings in time and money.