Hazardous Materials? No Problem!

Identifying hazardous material placards to be applied on a truck can quickly become a nightmare! There are thousands of rules with as many exceptions.
With the integration of EZ-Placard in JFleet (an automatic placard calculator), we greatly simplify the whole process.
Errors and time wasted calculating which placard to put up is now a thing of the past! And so are the fines!

A collaboration with EZ-Ship Placarding Software

In order to meet the many requirements for placarding, JFleet has established a strong partnership with EZ-Ship Softwares.  EZ-Ship is a software company that specializes in the transport of hazardous materials. For JFleet, we have integrated their system to enable dispatchers and drivers to be notified of the proper placarding at the appropriate time.

This integration optimizes the dispatcher’s work so that he can do all his work through one single software. He can prepare his shipments as he usually does in JFleet while simply specifying the hazardous items when appropriate. The drivers will then be informed when they deliver or pickup a shipment, of their new placarding.

For more details, visit the EZ-Ship website