TL, LTL Transportation Management Software

Among the daily tasks of transport companies are order management, customer management, driver and personnel management, equipment management, dispatch management, transport routing, loading order, administrative work, and so on.
It is now possible to implement a Transportation Management Software that supports all these components. JFleet software allows you a comprehensive view of your operations and their evolution while being perfectly suited to your corporate methodology!

Challenges Faced by Road Transport Companies

  • Knowing all drivers, orders, and trailers to determine THE best dispatching choice
  • Reducing the driving time, mileage, and fuel consumption (optimize the routes to take)
  • Optimizing the loading of trailers or containers
  • Managing the transshipment of goods
  • Locating personnel on the road
  • Following the operations and the status of orders
  • Avoiding missing or arriving late for a meeting
  • Keeping track of equipment maintenance

JFleet Benefits

  • Simplify operations with JFleet Intelligent Dispatching
  • Minimize the risks of errors, simplify decision making
  • Respond quickly to the unforeseen, deadlines, and specific situations
  • Visualize each operational step and follow-ups
  • Facilitate order taking and its evolution
  • Integrate JFleet with your accounting system
  • Satisfy your clients in a personalized way through access to the Web
  • Communicate with drivers in real time via instant messaging
  • Perform driver payroll and billing automatically
  • Accurately determine delivery times

The staff in charge of operations of any transport business must constantly adapt to changes. It is essential to provide dispatchers with tools that allow them to anticipate and plan their routes effectively and efficiently. Dispatchers must assign the right commodities to the right drivers while minimizing the loss of time, space, and gasoline. JFleet offers tools for approving decisions and supporting dispatchers in their task of assigning orders.

JFleet features fit in with all road transport operations: full loads (TL), partial loads (LTL), or the management of import and export containers (Intermodal). The goal is always to make each trip as profitable as possible. The application minimizes superfluous actions while delivering the goods more quickly. JFleet offers transport companies the chance to intelligently automate their operations in a simplified way!