Trucking Dispatch Software with Driver Mobile Application

By providing drivers with the JFleet Mobile Application we can know and register regular GPS positions, communicate with them with an intelligent messaging Trucking Dispatch Software and send them their daily activities. All this without needing to pick up the phone!

A distinct advantage of the mobile application is that it allows the dispatchers and the drivers to communicate. In addition to allowing the dispatcher to have control over the driver’s route, JFleet Trucking Dispatch Software allows instant sharing of information and distribution of tasks to staff on the road.


  • Communicating with personnel on the road
  • Validating whether a request for a waiting time is justified
  • Tracking routes in real time and the location of orders
  • Tracking the progress of tasks and deliveries


  • Instant communication between the dispatcher and the staff working
  • Precise tracking of past, present, and future activities
  • Fast distribution of tasks to be allocated, with the possibility of preparing them in advance
  • View the geographical position of drivers and the routing of orders in real time
  • Simplified management of wait times and expenses

The JFleet mobile application offers four main features for drivers:

  1. Tracking the evolution of tasks and activities. The road personnel can see all activities and tasks to perform and in what order. All details are communicated to him, such as appointments, routes to follow, contacts, delivery details, etc.
  2. Message management. When a driver texts a dispatcher, all dispatchers see the message in real time. The appropriate person can respond.
  3. The GPS position or geo-tracking. This feature allows you to follow the exact geographic position of drivers continuously. In this way, it is able to save a history of road trips.
  4. Management of driver expenses. JFleet allows you to manage and validate from a distance requests for approval of waiting times. In this way, once the dispatcher receives electronically the customer’s approval, she can approve or reject the request for a waiting time.  All actions registered by the mobile application automatically and instantaneously adjust the driver’s pay.  The same is true for all other expenses, such as fuel consumption.