Follow your drivers in real time

Managing and supervising personnel on the road is often limited. Driver Tracking JFleet Track offers you great real-time visibility on where your drivers are whatever they drive. You can track their speed, their position, what route they used, etc. You can also communicate with them with a simple messaging system.

Driver Tracking Benefits

JFleet Track Functionalities

  • Geolocalize precisely and in real-time
  • Communicate instantly with your active personnel
  • Manage a great number of drivers
  • Determine the distances traveled
  • Visualize and validate the itineraries
Geolocation and Driver Tracking allows you to anticipate and plan your deliveries, services and such in a timely manner. The assistance your personnel requires can be centralized in a single platform to  give yo more control. The administrators can now trust the information tracked to take the appropriate decisions and anticipate the next steps to take.

By seeing the routes taken on a map, visualizing the drivers in real-time on a map and the historical data, JFleet Track will help you estimate what are the appropriate steps to optimize your operations.