Container Import and Export Management Software (Intermodal)

Intermodal trucking companies face some important technological challenges. Very few software solutions are entirely adapted to this complex reality. JFleet is the most adapted, complete and affordable solution on the market.

Order Management for imports, exports and container transfers; customer management and detailed rate specifications; driver and personnel management; tracking the containers on terminal arrivals; respecting the terminal cut-off dates; dispatching quickly and efficiently; reacting quickly and efficiently to changes and exceptions; managing optimal routes; optimizing loads; limiting the administrative work, etc: A GOOD fleet management software is not important, it is a must!

The JFleet Intermodal Transport Software allows you to visualize all your operations and react to their evolutions while being completely adapted to your processes and methodology.

JFleet does not just computerize your transport reality. It facilitates, optimizes and makes sure you get the most out of your operations.

Challenges Faced by Road Transport Companies

  • Quickly being aware of driver status and position; order status and particularities; trailers positions and status to make THE right dispatching solution at THE right time
  • Following the containers at the terminals or at client locations
  • Not missing cut-off dates or very tight schedules put forth by the multiple actors of the process
  • Being able to know when to Switch a container from an import to an export
  • Knowing the precise position of the drivers
  • Not being late. Ever.
  • Making sure  the equipments put on the road are legal and inspected.

JFleet Benefits

  • Simplifying dispatch operations with JFleet’s Intelligent Dispatch System
  • Display visual indicators for potential warnings: potential delays, late or due for inspection equipments, expired driver’s permit, etc.
  • Alert the dispatcher when a Switch opportunity is available
  • Minimize the risk of errors and simplify the decision making
  • React quickly to the unexpected, the delays and other specific situations
  • The JFleet Mobile app allows drivers to enter information along the process: Container Number, Weight, Seals, etc.
  • Geolocalize the drivers and record their movement history
  • Satisfy your customers by offering a very advanced and complete Web Portal that is branded to your image.
  • Communicate in real-time with the drivers by instant messaging (enhanced Messaging system)
  • Automate payroll and invoicing
  • Integrate and connect JFleet to your accounting system
Intermodal trucking is too often a forgotten part of the whole Transport Logistics. Yet it is as important and far more complex from other Transport sectors. That is why it is imperative to have a very adapted software solution. Otherwise we simply complicate the operations and the whole process is meaningless.

JFleet mimics and replicates perfectly the intermodal operations in very simple yet powerful ways. JFleet also makes sure that no dispatching errors can be left behind in the driver roadmaps by knowing exactly what moves are allowed and which are not. This makes the Invoicing and the Payroll a real breeze. JFleet has the intermodal process programmed so that this knowledge does not remain uniquely in your dispatcher’s head.

JFleet understands the hot points and what allows Intermodal companies to have profitable operations. All this knowledge is programmed in JFleet to alert and advise the dispatchers, giving them tools to make the right decisions at the right time.

The functionalities of the JFleet fleet management system is in perfect accord with all the subtleties of merchandise import or export or simply to transfer a container (full or empty) from point A to point B. Our goal is to make each order as profitable as possible for you. The software makes sure you deliver your merchandise on time, using the best possible route. JFleet also offers trucking companies the possibility to customize JFleet to their needs. Thus making JFleet the perfect Software solution for Intermodal Container trucking companies.